Thank you, Kenyon. I am the young woman I am today because of you. I am so proud to be an alum of this school. I am so envious of the next crop of Kenyon kids. I hope that you have a moment (or a thousand) in which you look around and realize how lucky you are to be in this magical place (and there is something magical about it, as trite as that sounds. I think anyone who comes here would agree) surrounded by the people who ensure that it continues to be that way. Eat market dogs with your friends. Go to an a cappella concert. Sing Kokosing Farewell at the top of your lungs. Walk the length of Middle Path by yourself during the first snow of the year. Go abroad. Don’t go abroad. Call your parents and remind them that they are still part of your life. Wake up covered in glitter and surrounded by Cove boxes. Talk—really talk—to your professors. To your friends. To the AVI staff. Go to your classes. Ask questions and don’t apologize for them. Stay up all night talking, working, dancing, cuddling, laughing. Revel in spontaneity, sportiness and fun. Let yourself cry when the stress is too much. Learn that your education is not about your grades. Fall in love with boys, girls, your friends, this place. Leave a part of your heart here and you will always be able to come back. I know I have.